by The Freshtones

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The Freshtones are

DJ Rees (Guitar, Vocals)
Brian Thomas (Bass)
Adi Komic (Guitar)
Kyle Rees (Drums)
Greg Jankoski (Keyboards)
Bob Constable (Percussion)

All music written and performed by The Freshtones

Bite My Tongue written by DJ Rees
What It's Worth written by DJ Rees
Mind Over Matter written by DJ Rees and Adi Komic
Welcome to Possum Trot written by DJ Rees and Adi Komic
Poltergeist Heist written by DJ Rees and Brian Thomas
Time to Breathe written by DJ Rees


released February 6, 2015

Recording done at Fractal Sound Studio.
Album Artwork and Logo by Jordan Sadler.
Mixing and Mastering done by Dayne Doucette and Will Clark.



all rights reserved


The Freshtones Athens, Georgia

Formed in the summer of 2011 and taking on additions to the band over time, the Freshtones are a six-piece Athens/Atlanta based progressive jam rock band. Inspired by many different styles of music, Freshtones’ shows are laced with rock, funk, jazz-fusion, reggae, classical, and electronic styles. The group strives to combine these influences to create a unique, genre-less sound. ... more

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Track Name: Bite My Tongue
Verse 1:

Well I try to bite my tongue,
I think I bit too much,
And now I've gone and said more than I should.

At the end of everyday,
I say more than I wanna say,
I'm thinkin' way too much for my own god damn good.

I'm more aware than ever,
About the changes in the weather,
Predictions seem to match the reason with the rhyme.

Hasn't always been this way,
As the weatherman used to say,
I'm usually correct about half of the time.

Verse 2:

Should I try and bite my tongue,
Or let these words just run,
Opinions seem to weigh the owner of them down.

And if I keep them locked inside,
Will they go away or hide,
In the shadows of a bigger word's gloomy clouds.

Should I speak when spoken to?
Or should I leave that up to you?
Intentions seem to vary up and down the line.

And every morning when I wake,
I think about just what I'll say,
And hope every thought reveals itself at the right time.
Track Name: What It's Worth
I live in the moment,
Quick loss of serotonin,
I make bad decisions,
Can't you see my condition?
Maybe I'm an open book,
That's never read a second time.
For what it's worth I guess I'll,
Move on down the line.

I live in the moment,
And I don't stop to notice,
The clock hand is movin',
And I feel it most when,
I stop and think about what I'm doin' with my life.
For what it's worth I guess I'll,
Waste more of my time.


Livin' in the now,
It's like you've never known how.
Love lost is love found,
You've just gotta look inside yourself.
Track Name: Mind Over Matter
Verse 1:

Spinnin' upside down, while I'm flying through space
Yet I'm stadin' still, how can that be the case?
Only makes any sense if you're a scientist

The beginning is the end or so they say
Feels like a dream that never was reality
Mind over matter will get you through everything

Verse 2:

I've been a lot of people in a short amount of time
Today feels like forever but tomorrow's gone
Lose yourself in thought or a state of mind

I've got a love for the seasons that already changed
The human element in all of us has slipped away
Mind over matter will get you through anything
Track Name: Welcome to Possum Trot
Verse 1:

You wouldn't think the sun was shining,
As she walked away.
And I never thought today could have been,
Better than yesterday.
Five years of life just passed us by,
In the blink of an eye.
Welcome to Possum Trot,
Where everybody gets along.

Verse 2:

You wouldn't think the sun was shining,
As they closed the door.
And I always thought I would have needed,
So much more.
Twenty-five years of life just passed us by,
In the blink of an eye.
Welcome home, I'm told,
Where everybody gets one try.
Track Name: Time to Breathe
Verse 1:

Every time I close my eyes, it's you that I see.
Every once in a while, I wish that we could be.
But time it passes so fast, it's hard to stop and breathe.
The time we shared would never last, in this reality.

Verse 2:

I just want the best for you, and you want the best for me.
The best for both of us these days, is not what it used to be.
Time is everything we have, and you gave your time to me.
I'll see you down the road one day, your smile will set me free.